domingo, 27 de mayo de 2007

Steering Comittee en ZKM / Steering Comittee at ZKM

Entre los días 22 y 25 de mayo, recibimos a integrantes del Steering Comittee en el ZKM para desarrollar diversas actividades.

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niedbalski dijo...

Personalmente despues de haber leido sobre cybersyn , me parece un vaporware sin sentido , este tipo stafford realmente me parece un demagogo tecnico sin mucho sentido, debo recalcar que las ciencias de la computacion en ese tiempo ya daban luces concretas de resultados.

Graziano Terenzi dijo...

I came across this Blog recently and, as I have studied Stafford Beer works before, I found it very very interesting. I have been doing some research on social cybernetics before and I have always looked at Cybersyn (and Viable System Model) as one of those big ideas that, no matter their limitations, can teach something important to Humanity. I see that this Blog, even though it is linked by some important websites, is not attended very much. I hope that you will use this space to trigger an open discussion about the ways cybersyn can be ameliorated and to build something upon it.
Best Regards

Jose Ignacio Molina dijo...

No olviden a
Juan Downey